New Year Resolutions for 2017

Hey Everyone,

So I had previously written a blog about 2016 but this blog is going to be about 2017 and my new years resolutions or what I want to achieve this year.

For me this new year is slightly different.

It is the first year I entered where I am not ill or relying on dialysis to keep me alive.

People are always complaining at the phrase “New Year, New Me” To be perfectly honest, you will always be you but you can be a better you. There are always improvements that you can make to improve you as an individual.

New Years Resolution’s mean a lot to me, more than those who throw out their New Years Resolution’s and never do them, or stick by them for so long and then give up and spending the rest of the year regretting that they gave up their resolution’s. I believe you should only make New Years Resolutions if you’re going to accomplish them. Don’t set yourself resolutions that you know you won’t accomplish.

For the last 2 years I have either been ill with Chronic Kidney Disease and then Kidney Failure or then relying on dialysis. I then had a kidney transplant in April 2016 given by my beautiful mother, so the majority of 2016 has been a year of recovery.

It has been the most hardest journey I have ever been in, and sometimes I do wonder how I made it through. But I have and I am so proud of myself that I have gone through one of the most traumatic things in my life and I’ve come out the other side with all my marbles. Yes, I have lost my confidence, become more anxious and sometimes I am a hormonal mess. Of course such a big thing is bound to effect a person in one way or another and if I am perfectly honest it has effected me but this is why my new years resolutions are to improve myself, and my abilities.

Towards the end of 2016 I started to rebuild a life and slowly rebuild my confidence and independence and also get back a social life, which I lacked for practically the whole of 2015 and the majority of 2016.

Now what resolutions have I decided on do you ask? Well I will tell you what my resolution’s are and why I have chosen them.

  1. To be healthier
    I want to lose weight, eat more healthier and exercise more. Previously I had never had the energy to do all these things, but as I slowly regain my energy I want to be able to get my mind and body in the best health it can be. Plus I have to be healthier to prolong my transplanted kidney. So this is a MUST!
  2. To re-start my driving lessons and work towards passing within this year
    Doing my driving lessons and being able to drive will open up a massive gate of opportunity. I think it will also help my independence, confidence and it will mentally challenge me and improve me as a person in so many ways. I  want to work hard into hopefully passing this year. My first lesson has already been booked for this month, and I literally can’t wait.
  3. Get a Car
    I will be purchasing a cheap car, and insure myself on it so I can drive with my dad or Kayleigh in the car even before I pass my driving test. I think the more practise I have the better I will be. I also think this will push me into passing, looking at my little car that I will want to drive.
  4. Improve Confidence
    I want to improve my confidence, I think with the rest of my resolutions this will be accomplished. It is something I really did lose a lot of since being unwell.
  5. Improve Independence
    I want to also improve my independence. I relied on my parents a lot to look after me as I was unable at the time to look after myself, and doing these other resolutions will also help me accomplish this.
  6. To return to work
    I would like to return to work this year, I need to focus on this mainly after my year check up in April. I need to find a job that will fit my health, as obviously since having a transplant I can’t do jobs that I used to be able to do, so I need to really look into what I can do and apply for jobs. It’s an overwhelming thought but it has to be done, and the outcome will improve my independence and confidence.
  7. Remove toxic and negative people from my life
    I don’t need toxic or negative people in my life, after all I have been through a horrendously negative time, so from now on I will only surround myself with people who are positive, or at least are there for me. No part time friends.
  8. Go on Holiday
    It has been years and years since I went on Holiday. There is nothing I need more than a Holiday. I will definitely go on Holiday this year! After all I think I deserve it!

I could go on to say that I would love to move out into my own place and all of that but for now I am keeping to resolution’s that are realistic and ones that I can accomplish. Positive thinking, positive outcomes.

This is a clean slate. New 365 page story, a new chapter, another chance to improve my life. I can’t wait for a new journey with my girl and I can’t wait to see where me and her end up together.

A very happy new year to you all, and I will blog very soon!




It is a New Year – Saturday 2nd January 2016

Hey Everyone,

I wrote a status on facebook earlier and the purpose of this blog is to elaborate on that status.

Like many people every year I usually make up a New Years resolution that I normally fail to stick to, and this year I haven’t made any. However, I have given myself 10 key points to remember, to take into action and see if it makes me a better person. I may add to these 10 key points later on.
I will state my point and elaborate a little more into the point with my own views and comments.

1. Stay clear of negative people, negative surroundings and negative feelings.
I have learnt that negativity only brings me down and I can’t let unnecessary negativity into my life any more. Stripping out the negativity is a great feeling and although sometimes hard to do it is pretty beneficial in the end. Learn by it.

2. Always make a positive out of a negative, whatever this may be.
You can always make a positive out of a negative. This kind of attitude has kept me afloat. CKD was a massive knock for me, a negative one but I changed it into a more positive by allowing myself to gain knowledge and help others with advice and the creation of my support groups. As someone who suffers with many other negative issues I have made most of these positives by creating support groups. I love to help people where and when I can.

3. Never give up, even if I get knocked down I will simply get back up, dust myself off and continue.
Throughout my life I have been knocked down but instead of dwelling I just simply add it to my long list of mistakes, and lessons. Life is all about learning and that is simply what I do if I get knocked. You have to get back up and continue your journey, after all you only get one life, its best to make the most of what you have instead of what you don’t have.

4. Appreciate those dear friends and family members and supporters that I do have.
Although I only have a small amount of close friends now, I like to keep it that way because I can easily appreciate those who have stuck by me through the bad times. I appreciate those I do have instead of being sad because I have lost others, others that really couldn’t care less about my whereabouts.

5. Try to motivate myself more.
I have no motivation to be honest, it kind of went out of the window when I became unwell and lost all my energy and enthusiasm. I know this is something I struggle with but I want to try and motivate myself a little more.

6. Try to keep as healthy as I can, and take better care of myself.
I have a small appetite due to being unwell and feeling bloated with 2 litres  of fluid, but the food I do consume I want to try and make sure it is healthy, however I will treat myself now and again after all a treat here and there is sometimes much more better and rewarding than a treat every day. I need to make sure I look into my patient view more and keep tabs on my blood results.

7. Look at my surroundings, take in every detail.
Our surroundings when being paid attention to and admired can be beautiful. I want to pay more attention on the things that we all take forgranted. For example I went to the Beach with my Family to look at all the Seals and I looked around, I listened to the waves, looked at the beautiful blue sky shining on the seals that had just come out of the sea and how it glistened on their skin. I looked at the tiny babies along side their parents who were protecting their young. We do live in such a lovely place, and the surroundings can actually be pretty breath taking, after all this world was meant to be admired. As someone who suffers with anxiety doing such little differences made massive changes, it made me feel calm and at peace, it was a lovely feeling.

8. Remember that there are people who have lost their lives but have been not only inspirational but a hero with donating their organs to those who are in need of transplants. Also those who have gone through with Live Donation.
Before being diagnosed I wouldn’t of put this which is actually sad but a true fact. Unless you are close to such circumstance then it isn’t something that your every day person would think about. However, I wish people would pay a little more attention to those who are no longer with us but due to their inspiration decision to be an organ donor they have gone on to save several peoples lives. I mean how precious and amazing is that? It is these people who save several people from the same misfortune. Not forgetting those who donate their bodies to Science to help improve medicines and understanding. True heroes. Not forgetting those wonderful people who go on to be a live donor, losing something of theirs to give to someone else to maximize their chance of life, risking their own. I mean wow, what a person and again a definition of a hero.

9. Remember that at the end of every storm, there will eventually be a rainbow no matter how short or long.
I know in life there are some stormy times no matter how rough the storm eventually there will be a rainbow. I know my life is going to be somewhat stormy throughout but there will be good times, I hold on to hope as I think most things are very possible but sometimes things take a little longer than others, but that is okay because it would be such an amazing reward to eventually come out of a storm and be faced with a beautiful rainbow.

10. Don’t let my illness define me, take over me or identify me. Kidney Disease is only apart of me but it isn’t who I am.
I know of people who have let their illness take over their identification and I am not that kind of person. Unfortunately I do have this awful disease and yes it at the moment it takes up a massive part of my life and will always be apart of my life but I refuse for it to take over who I am. I am not my illness, my illness is simply just apart of who I am but it isn’t who I am. I want people to remember me for the person I am not the girl who had Kidney Failure, because there is so much more to me than this disease.

So, there you have it. My New Years Resolution is in fact just points to improve myself and my wellbeing and grow me as a person. My journey has only just began. It is a new year, a new journey is just beginning.