It’s almost a year since me and my girlfriend got together! *Contains Video*

Click to view My Video and enjoy as much as I did making it 💕 update will be coming soon! Life's just been very busy recently xx


It has been a long long while – Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Good Evening,

It has been a long while since I blogged. I guess I am trying to embrace life as much as I can that I just don’t come on here much to blog.

I am currently suffering with a sore throat and swollen gland, no idea what happened there.

Anyway, kidney life for me is still on the up. My last appointment I was given the heads up for carveries and things that I couldn’t eat at the very beginning of transplant. Mum recently had an appointment to see how she is doing with her one kidney, and her kidney is at a function of around 55% which apparently is okay. The last thing I would want is to see my Mum in the position that I was in, its awful.

My energy levels aren’t great, I still suffer with restless leg syndrome too. Many symptoms I had when I was ill. I still have but obviously I am a lot better than what I was. I am worried if I am made to go back to work as I feel like I couldn’t even last a day with my energy levels.

I have check ups every 3 months or so at the minute and my next appointment is next Tuesday on the 9th to find out how things are going. I have eaten so badly recently as my partner and I went away for a few days to Thorpe Park, LEGOLAND and Windsor Castle and their is not a healthy restaurant in site at such places and so its been pretty much fast food every day. We did come back to something amazing and that was collecting or baby Chihuahuas, yay.

I haven’t actually written here at all. My Girlfriend Kayleigh and I took the plunge and got a house together. I no longer live in Norwich, Norfolk anymore but I live in Suffolk (Location Disclosed) in our lovely 2 bedroom Victorian terrace house. Its been an amazing time so far. 20th March was our move in date so it will be a grand 2 months this month since we moved into our house.

Our living room is Mexican Corona Furniture theme, and the colour scheme is Purple, Black, Cream and Charcoal. It all goes together really well. Our Dining room also has the same colour scheme and Mexican Corona Furniture. The kitchen is cream, black and chrome. Our bedroom is Shabby Chic design, Bathroom is sailing boats, life houses beach theme and our spare room is Brown Furniture and red, cream colour scheme.
Our garden was a mess, and had thousands of weeds so Kayleigh and I had completely blitzed the garden, discovering patio and flower beds, we pulled up a massive bush and over time killed and pulled up weeds and stinging nettles. We had the help from Kayleigh’s Grandparents to take all the rubbish to the dump. Kayleigh and I bought some wood chip and neatly covered the flower beds, we then bought a selection of pretty colourful flowers and potted them. The garden is looking very tidy, and we can’t wait to do a BBQ out there soon.

Many people have come to visit us in our new home and everyone says how lovely and quirky it is and has such a lovely happy homely feel to it. Yay, for no negative energy!

I must actually bring this down as on the 10th March we lost our Chihuahua Milo, I am not sure if I ever blogged about him but he literally was my everything, he was my shadow and I took him everywhere. I needed him as much as he needed me but as you know life throws some shitty things at you and he was taken away from me and Kayleigh way too soon.

Kayleigh and I have almost been together 9 months now, I can honestly say I am totally in love with her. She is everything I ever wanted. She is fiery but romantic, loving, and fun and I am happy when I am just in her company (which is everyday now lol) I def can see us getting married and having children in the near future, we talk about it all the time. We are totally loved up, since moving in together it is like we are in our honeymoon period all over again yet this time we are so in love with each other. Kayleigh has become one of the most affectionate people (baring in mind she wasn’t before lol) she always wants cuddles lol, proper little princess. I love her dearly and honestly couldn’t imagine my life without her.

I am currently sat here with our dogs asleep on the sofa next to me waiting for Kayleigh to arrive home as she is on a late today. I just want to get in bed and go to sleep to be honest lol.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed my catch up. I will blog soon.

Thank you.


New Year Resolutions for 2017

Hey Everyone,

So I had previously written a blog about 2016 but this blog is going to be about 2017 and my new years resolutions or what I want to achieve this year.

For me this new year is slightly different.

It is the first year I entered where I am not ill or relying on dialysis to keep me alive.

People are always complaining at the phrase “New Year, New Me” To be perfectly honest, you will always be you but you can be a better you. There are always improvements that you can make to improve you as an individual.

New Years Resolution’s mean a lot to me, more than those who throw out their New Years Resolution’s and never do them, or stick by them for so long and then give up and spending the rest of the year regretting that they gave up their resolution’s. I believe you should only make New Years Resolutions if you’re going to accomplish them. Don’t set yourself resolutions that you know you won’t accomplish.

For the last 2 years I have either been ill with Chronic Kidney Disease and then Kidney Failure or then relying on dialysis. I then had a kidney transplant in April 2016 given by my beautiful mother, so the majority of 2016 has been a year of recovery.

It has been the most hardest journey I have ever been in, and sometimes I do wonder how I made it through. But I have and I am so proud of myself that I have gone through one of the most traumatic things in my life and I’ve come out the other side with all my marbles. Yes, I have lost my confidence, become more anxious and sometimes I am a hormonal mess. Of course such a big thing is bound to effect a person in one way or another and if I am perfectly honest it has effected me but this is why my new years resolutions are to improve myself, and my abilities.

Towards the end of 2016 I started to rebuild a life and slowly rebuild my confidence and independence and also get back a social life, which I lacked for practically the whole of 2015 and the majority of 2016.

Now what resolutions have I decided on do you ask? Well I will tell you what my resolution’s are and why I have chosen them.

  1. To be healthier
    I want to lose weight, eat more healthier and exercise more. Previously I had never had the energy to do all these things, but as I slowly regain my energy I want to be able to get my mind and body in the best health it can be. Plus I have to be healthier to prolong my transplanted kidney. So this is a MUST!
  2. To re-start my driving lessons and work towards passing within this year
    Doing my driving lessons and being able to drive will open up a massive gate of opportunity. I think it will also help my independence, confidence and it will mentally challenge me and improve me as a person in so many ways. I  want to work hard into hopefully passing this year. My first lesson has already been booked for this month, and I literally can’t wait.
  3. Get a Car
    I will be purchasing a cheap car, and insure myself on it so I can drive with my dad or Kayleigh in the car even before I pass my driving test. I think the more practise I have the better I will be. I also think this will push me into passing, looking at my little car that I will want to drive.
  4. Improve Confidence
    I want to improve my confidence, I think with the rest of my resolutions this will be accomplished. It is something I really did lose a lot of since being unwell.
  5. Improve Independence
    I want to also improve my independence. I relied on my parents a lot to look after me as I was unable at the time to look after myself, and doing these other resolutions will also help me accomplish this.
  6. To return to work
    I would like to return to work this year, I need to focus on this mainly after my year check up in April. I need to find a job that will fit my health, as obviously since having a transplant I can’t do jobs that I used to be able to do, so I need to really look into what I can do and apply for jobs. It’s an overwhelming thought but it has to be done, and the outcome will improve my independence and confidence.
  7. Remove toxic and negative people from my life
    I don’t need toxic or negative people in my life, after all I have been through a horrendously negative time, so from now on I will only surround myself with people who are positive, or at least are there for me. No part time friends.
  8. Go on Holiday
    It has been years and years since I went on Holiday. There is nothing I need more than a Holiday. I will definitely go on Holiday this year! After all I think I deserve it!

I could go on to say that I would love to move out into my own place and all of that but for now I am keeping to resolution’s that are realistic and ones that I can accomplish. Positive thinking, positive outcomes.

This is a clean slate. New 365 page story, a new chapter, another chance to improve my life. I can’t wait for a new journey with my girl and I can’t wait to see where me and her end up together.

A very happy new year to you all, and I will blog very soon!



Looking back at 2016

Hey Everyone,

It has been a while since I have blogged but as it is now a new year I have took this opportunity to recap on 2016.

I started 2016 with me being on dialysis waiting for a transplant which we had got the date for 12th April 2016, I started it positively but was also petrified for the following months, especially when it got closer and closer to the transplant date.
My transplant was carried out in the April, and I must admit it was the most painful and hard experience of my journey so far. You can never imagine the amount of pain or the emotional strain you go through when going through such a massive operation. It was hard, even harder seeing my mother in pain to give me a second chance of life. I am forever grateful for the gift she has given me and I still count my lucky stars for mum because if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t be writing this blog now.

The recovery process was painful and long and it really did take a lot out of me and mum. The whole family in fact. The little things like walking, getting out of bed, laying down become massive tasks, and painful ones at that but day by day it got better and better.

The following months were me and mum recovering slowly but we got there.

I had a relationship break up in July, it was hard at the time but eventually you get over it and move on. Time is always the biggest healer.

The following months I started building my social life, going out with old and new friends and trying to rebuild confidence and independence that I had lost through the year of being ill and recovering.

I started seeing my new girlfriend Kayleigh in August. We had known of each other for around 2/3 years, but had only started talking again around May time. We had always had a flirty friendship. Meeting her in August we realised there was something there and our relationship blossomed. We went on some amazing adventures. Colchester Zoo, Clacton, Thorpe Park, Brighton and went to a music festival called Sundown. The last couple months we have been through a rocky part of our relationship. There is no doubt that we love each other. I am glad to be starting 2017 with her by my side. I can’t wait to have a fresh year and journey with her. We have so many more spontaneous adventures to go on.

I have not gone through my year month by month but just the main parts of what happened in 2016.

I will be writing a new blog on my new years resolutions and what I have planned for 2017.

Major update, it’s been a while – Tuesday 4th October 2016

Hey everyone,

Well it’s been sometime since I last done a blog entry and A LOT has happened in my life since my last post.

On my health update… Everything is going as well as it can other than recent results shew abnormal liver results which I’ve been told is nothing to worry about and can genuinely be put down to my medication. I am still on the same amount of anti rejection but there is talks of taking it down a dosage which is good. I will try and update you when I know more after my appointment on the 11th. After my stent removal it was pretty uncomfortable and very stingy for about a week but now I feel great almost normal which is a word I haven’t used for about 3 years or so.

My energy levels aren’t that great still sometimes but I’ve done some amazing things as of recent.

My relationship with Hannah broke down, this is not me bashing her for what’s happened but just announcing that this relationship has ended and both of us have moved on and gone our separate ways…

I have a new girlfriend, Kayleigh. Kayleigh was my friend years before and we lost contact but got back in contact this year and ended up meeting up and things just happened. They say the best things happen unexpectedly. She has been to all my main appointments with me since being with me, and it’s nice to have someone make you smile as much as she makes me smile. We’ve done some great things together. We’ve been to Clacton, Colchester Zoo and the other week we went to Thorpe Park which was such a awesome day, we also have so many more adventures to plan so it’s all very exciting and deffo in our honey moon period haha. We’ve been together 2 months on the 14th but have been friends on and off for around 3 years! 

Anyway this is pretty short and sweet but wanted to just update the main bits of my life and I will try my best to update more frequently! 

Thank you for always being the best viewers and your support and encouragement has been amazing! 

Thank you 

Stent removal and health update – Tuesday 14th June 2016

Hey Everyone,

It’s been a while since I last done an update so I thought as I had my stent removed yesterday I would do an update today.

The ureter came with the donor kidney and was connected to the bladder with a small incision. A stent is a thin, hollow tube which is place inside the ureter to keep it open and allow connection to the bladder to heal. The urethral stent needs to stay in place for about six weeks after transplant.

It is now 9 weeks (2 months and 1 day) since my transplant and yesterday I had my stent removed.

Before the surgery I did want reassurance and seeked it from many CKD groups however most said it was uncomfortable but not painful and others said it was really painful so I still was unsure what to expect. I was really nervous but knew it had to come out otherwise it would cause all kinds of problems plus I felt restricted when I did go to the loo because of the stent.

So operation day came which was yesterday 13th June and I was told to get into a hospital gown. I was then wheeled down to theatre where I actually had my transplant which was weird.

Anyway it wasn’t very dignified and it took them a while to get the tube in because my uretha is abnormal lol (only me) and after a while of trying to get it in and putting a liquid kind of general anaesthetic in the area I still felt everything. Now I must admit it was actually pretty awful for me and stung like hell. Although the pain wasn’t enough to make me cry it was enough to make my eyes water and I made some funny noises lol. It felt like I was having injections inside to be honest so yeah not a pleasant experience although the surgeons were amazing and it was the same surgeon who carried out my transplant and she’s amazing and lovely and made me feel at ease. I mean she even put on some 80s music beforehand lol as she knows what I’m like 😂

After a while, and to me it did feel a while and several attempts of trying to get hold of the stent because it also was in an awkward place it was out!

It was a long thing thing that looked like a tape worm to be honest. I was like woah that was in me! Lol!

After going to the loo stung and burnt like a if I had a bad UTI (Urine Tract Infection) but before the procedure I had an antibiotic to avoid any UTIs.

It did bleed and today it’s still uncomfortable to wee although I no longer feel restricted! It is still bleeding today but this is all normal.

Two weeks ago I was told that I could now go to Cambridge every fortnight and so I’ve got my appointment this Thursday and so far everything is going well.

I went clubbing with my friends on Saturday and had only a few drinks and I was happy and spent my night dancing and laughing!

My life is now slowly coming back together and I’ve made so many plans to be excited for. Yay!

Thank you for reading! Xxxx