Major update, it’s been a while – Tuesday 4th October 2016

Hey everyone,

Well it’s been sometime since I last done a blog entry and A LOT has happened in my life since my last post.

On my health update… Everything is going as well as it can other than recent results shew abnormal liver results which I’ve been told is nothing to worry about and can genuinely be put down to my medication. I am still on the same amount of anti rejection but there is talks of taking it down a dosage which is good. I will try and update you when I know more after my appointment on the 11th. After my stent removal it was pretty uncomfortable and very stingy for about a week but now I feel great almost normal which is a word I haven’t used for about 3 years or so.

My energy levels aren’t that great still sometimes but I’ve done some amazing things as of recent.

My relationship with Hannah broke down, this is not me bashing her for what’s happened but just announcing that this relationship has ended and both of us have moved on and gone our separate ways…

I have a new girlfriend, Kayleigh. Kayleigh was my friend years before and we lost contact but got back in contact this year and ended up meeting up and things just happened. They say the best things happen unexpectedly. She has been to all my main appointments with me since being with me, and it’s nice to have someone make you smile as much as she makes me smile. We’ve done some great things together. We’ve been to Clacton, Colchester Zoo and the other week we went to Thorpe Park which was such a awesome day, we also have so many more adventures to plan so it’s all very exciting and deffo in our honey moon period haha. We’ve been together 2 months on the 14th but have been friends on and off for around 3 years! 

Anyway this is pretty short and sweet but wanted to just update the main bits of my life and I will try my best to update more frequently! 

Thank you for always being the best viewers and your support and encouragement has been amazing! 

Thank you 


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